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 Tall Kat's Amazon Fetish Clips4Sale Site  NEW

  6' 9" (7' 5" in Heels) Tall Kat's Amazon Fetish Clips4Sale Download Area
 "Tall Kat Defeats little Sandi"  NEW US $55.00 Overseas $60.00 PAL $80.00 DVD $65.00 

  Little 4' 11'' 87 pound Sandi and 6' 9'' Kat are comparing the difference in the size of their feet and hands when Kat decided that she and Sandi should wrestle and determine just who is the toughest. In this video, you will see Tall Kat as you have never seen her as she proceeds to completely defeat her tiny friend. Height, Hand and Feet comparisons, Foot worship, wrestling, lifting, pins, tests of strength, leg squeezing, smothering, tickling and verbal humiliation, THIS VIDEO HAS IT ALL!!!! AVAILABLE IN DVD

 "Tall Kat Entertains Her little Friend" US $55.00 Overseas $60.00 PAL $80.00 DVD $65.00 

  Little 5' 3" Brittany comes over to visit 6' 9" Tall Kat to discuss and go over some ideas for some photo shoots for them to do for Kat's WEB site when Kat decides to show her what she is thinking about.Lapsitting, Tall Comparisons, Light lifting, Balloon Play, Body Measuring are all featured in this video. AVAILABLE IN DVD

 "Tall Kat's Revenge on the Rustler" US $55.00 Overseas $60.00 PAL $80.00 DVD $65.00 

  6' 9" Tall Kat is driving her pickup around her ranch when she spots a man "lost" in the desert on her property. and is without water to drink. It doesn't take her long to determine that he is really a ristler intent on stealing her cattle. Kat decides that what this hapless rustler REALLY needs is a Trample session right there in the desert. AVAILABLE IN DVD
 "Tall Kat's Super Session" US $55.00 Overseas $60.00 PAL $80.00 DVD $65.00 

  Ever wondered what it would be like to have a session with a 6' 9" (7' 5" in Heels) Amazon? Well, that is what "little" 5' 7" Alec wondered also when he arrived to meet Tall Kat for the first time. AVAILABLE IN DVD
 "A tale of two feeties" A Pedicure Video US $55.00 Overseas $60.00 PAL $80.00 

  I have never had a pedicure, because I have always felt that my feet were too ticklish. But, then little Christine talked me into it. Come watch as she takes me from nervous to totally relaxed has works her magical little hands all over my big feet and long legs.
And at 4" 11 1/2" Christine has her work cut out for her
 "Be proud of what you are" - A Tall Kat Retrospective 1980-1986 US $55.00 Overseas $60.00 PAL $80.00 

  In the 1980s 6' 9" Kat did many Television, Movie, and Personal Appearances as part of her association with "Above All Enterprises" (A talent agency formed by Jim Woodard and Donna Blevins) as well as with the Tall Club of Tuscon, Arizona.

In this video you will see many excerpts from these appearances as well as learn more about her.


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